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Nitrile gloves
7.50 $/упак CIF
Бионика-групп, ООО, RU
Delivery time up to 7 days. Delivery by air. With a large volume of the order, the price is negotiable. Upon contact, please be ready to provide...
Nitrile and latex gloves
0.06 €/шт CFR
Завод полимерпесчаных изделий, ООО, RU
We sell nitrile and latex gloves, we have direct contracts with manufacturers. Price € 0.064 per piece or € 6.4 per box of 100 pieces with...
Nitril gloves
0.07 $/шт FOB
World Global Export, ООО, UZ +1 объявление
Nitrile gloves Vietnam production MOQ 4000000 Payment 30/70 TT
Nitrile gloves
5.90 $/шт FOB
World Global Export, ООО, UZ +1 объявление
Top quality nitrile gloves Malaysia made 5 gr. weight all EU / FDA Certificates 5.9 usd FOB A BOX OF 100 pieces MOQ 3000000 p
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